Treasure Crest Floor Plan

The Treasure Crest floor plan layouts cover a range of unit types, from 3 bedroom to 3 bedroom premium, 3 bedroom + study, and 4 bedroom units.


The Treasure Crest Floor Plan · Floor Plan Layouts

Shown here are typical Treasure Crest EC floor plans. Please contact us below if you would like the full set of floor and site plans emailed to you.

Treasure Crest Floor Plan 3 BedroomTreasure Crest Floor Plan . Type A1 . 3 Bedroom Draft Floor Plan . Click to Enlarge


Treasure Crest Floor Plans 3 Bedroom PremiumTreasure Crest Floor Plans . Type B2 . 3 Bedroom Premium . Click to Enlarge


Treasure Crest Floor Plan 4 BedroomTreasure Crest EC Floor Plan . Type C1 . 4 Bedroom . Click to Enlarge


The Treasure Crest Floor Plan · Developer Traits

Treasure Crest is being developed by the Sim Lian Group.

Sim Lian is known for their functional and practical, straightforward designs. They appear to know their target market, and cater very well to their market’s needs.

One trademark of their designs are large kitchen yards. Unlike most condominiums that expect owners to use dryers to dry their clothes, Sim Lian understands that most of its local buyers would much prefer to air or sun their clothes dry.

So rather than seeing buyers turning their balconies into drying yards all over the development, Sim Lian’s projects cater for it in a practical manner by providing utility yards that are nicely sized for that. It’s also useful for all the unsightly but necessary stuff like pails and mops.

The other trademark of Sim Lian projects are that they tend to be space efficient. With the result that, with the same total floor area, they can provide bigger rooms, especially in the master bedrooms. Even the common bedrooms tend to be just that bit bigger, that makes it possible to accommodate a study table as well as a single bed.

The Treasure Crest floor plan layouts exhibit these 2 Sim Lian trademarks very well. But there will be other nice touches as well.



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