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The Treasure Crest EC . Fittings . Artist’s Impression

The Treasure Crest EC . Fittings


The following items will be provided at the Treasure Crest EC:

  1. Quality fittings from Hansgrohe (bathroom), Bosch (kitchen), and Mitsubishi Electric (air-con).
  2. Types A, B, and C will be provided with built-in kitchen cabinets with solid surface counter top, stainless steel kitchen sink and mixer, with homogeneous / ceramic tile backsplash.
  3. For Types B3 and C1, the Dry Kitchen will be provided with built-in kitchen cabinets, solid surface counter top, stainless steel sink and mixer, and back painted glass backsplash.
  4. Dry Kitchen of Type B3 and Type C1 will get electric induction hob.
  5. Kitchens / Wet Kitchens will get gas cooker hob with hood. The gas cooker hobs to use Town Gas. (Turn-on & utility charges to be borne by the Purchaser.)
  6. Each kitchen / wet kitchen will get one built-in oven.
  7. Individual refuse hopper will be located in each unit at the Treasure Crest EC.
  8. Built-in wardrobes with laminate finishes (on the outside surface only) to bedrooms.
  9. Hot water supply will be provided to all bathrooms (but NOT to the WCs, Kitchens, Wet Kitchens and Dry Kitchens). All units will be provided with a gas water heater and gas control panel. The gas control panel will be located next to the lighting switch outside the Bathroom / Bedroom. (Turn-on and utility charges to be borne by Purchasers).
  10. Single / multi-split air-conditioning system with exposed wall mounted fan coil units will be provided to the Living Room, Dining Area, Bedrooms (and Study where applicable).
  11. Units will be equipped with wiring and will be cable ready for internet connectivity. (Sign-up and subscription fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.)
  12. Audio Telephony System: audio intercom will be provided between the Guard House and each unit based on the telephony system without phone equipment in the unit.
  13. Entry at the pedestrian side gate and designated common areas will be by Proximity Card Access system.
  14. There will also be security surveillance cameras at designated common areas.
  15. Automatic car barrier system to the carpark.

The above list is subject to change without notice, and does NOT form part of the contract.
As at 10 May 2016.



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If you are familiar with Holland Village, you would definitely know that it is one of the most well loved spots for dining and hanging out with friends. So this new Van Holland condo should appeal to those who would like having Holland Village on their doorstep. You can just hop across the road for dinner and a bit of shopping without worrying about car parking, or the lack of it.

Furthermore, there will be a new mixed development that is being built now, in Holland Village itself. This project has been a long time in the making, as the authorities are keen to get it just right. Holland Village has a ambience to it, partly due to its low street scale and proportion, that is important to be preserved. Hence the Van Holland condo, which will also be a low-rise at 5 storeys high, will be in keeping with that scale.

In fact the developer for Van Holland has said that they plan to integrate this project with the new mixed development (though no details are known yet), and tap on the buzz and vibrancy of these plans for the expansion and makeover of Holland Village. Though we hope they won’t overdo that and destroy its special charm.

The Van Holland condo enjoys the advantage of being on elevated grounds more than one storey above the Holland Road level. It is expected to provide around 80 homes, which is considered a relatively small to mid range development. The site is considered quite upmarket, sitting as it does on the fringe of the GCB area of Leedon Park and Belmont Park.